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Improving Your Folk Dancing
By Dick Oakes

Dick Oakes 2007


Be on Time

When you arrive late to a class or dance, your absence may mean that one to seven people cannot dance! In addition, if you arrive late or leave early, you're not taking full advantage of the session that has been prepared by others, usually with a lot of hard work.

Get Into Formation Quickly

When a dance is announced or the music is played, get into the formation for that dance as soon as possible. Slow formation means a slow evening and less dancing.

Take It Easy

Don't overdo it. Folk dancing can be very strenuous exercise, especially when you're getting started. If you get tired, sit down. Don't let anyone talk you into overworking if you should stop and breathe a bit. Sometimes you can learn a lot just by watching and listening.

Be Friendly

Get acquainted with others in the group and make it a point to dance with as many different dancers as possible. Strike up conversations without being aggressive.

Have Fun

Pleasure is contagious so enjoy yourself. Your pep and smile will affect the entire group. Come to a dance expecting to have a good time and you'll have a good time, and so will everyone else.

Be a Courteous Dancer

Standard rules of courtesy are always the order of the day and are always appreciated.

Be Thoughtful

Personal cleanliness is important in any activity where people exercise vigorously in close contact with each other. For that reason, a good deodorant and a pleasant and effective mouthwash are among the folk dancer's best friends. Because the enjoyment of dancers in the group may depend on your coordination, before you dance don't drink. Be at your absolute dancing and thinking best.

Be a Good Listener

Be polite to the instructor when folk dances are being taught. Don't talk during the course of a teaching because it makes it difficult for others around you to hear the instructions and music. Remember, there is room for only one teacher at a time. You can help others by being in the correct place at the correct time.

Be Cooperative

You'll get more done with less friction in half the time.

Used with permission of the author.