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Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc.

By Neil Rosen, Murray Spiegel, Charlie Kluepfel

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Information: Neil Rosen wrote the MITPlayer for the MIT Folk Dance Club. They say, "We exclusively use Neil Rosen's MITPlayer for our music programming needs. It's simply magnificent, with many special features for running folkdance sessions." Maintenance has been taken over by Murray Spiegel who, with another programmer, made the program more stable and added many new features.

Online: Download the ZIP file program with all necessary files from njfolkdance.tripod.com


The program and registration code is FREE. (Without registration, there are a few use restrictions.) In the Help ⮕ About menu window, you request a Registration Code from Murray or Neil. Neil states if you like the program after a few months of use, "it would be nice if you sent me $35.00." Information for doing so is on the About Menu window, but that's superfluous, since users will have seen that once they request the registration code.

Program Requirements

  1. Runs on any Windows OS.
  2. Instructions for running it on Macs (using virtual machines) is on the MITPlayer site.
  3. Four .DLL files from Un4seen.com (Neil has paid them so he can distribute the files with the MITPlayer)..
  4. Even if you don't have room for music, you can use the Player.

Registration Code

When you receive your Registration Code, select Options ⮕ Setup Screen and enter the code in the "Registration Code" spaces.



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