Ren Bannerman


Appalachian clog, big circle dancing
Appalachian clog, big circle dancing

Ren Bannerman 2014


Ren Bannerman, son of the renowned Glenn Bannerman family, toured the United States in the summer of 1982 teaching Appalachian clog and big circle dancing. Ren has opened the show for many festivals by showcasing his "buck dancing" that takes it's roots from the southern Appalachian mountains. Ren calls big circle mountain dances and international dance for people of all ages.

Ren was born into this culture, along with the rest of the family. His parents not only pioneered in that field but are also noted instructors. They come from "them thar hills." Thus, the material he teaches is traditional.

He knows the spirit and the history of the people and the dance style. He also has films which Glenn collected through the years.

Ren and his wife Melissa are also very involved in horsemanship instruction and are certified through CHA (Certified Horseman Association) to teach Leadership Training and Skills Workshops, as well as provide Facility Management Evaluation consultation. Ren is the Director of Equestrian Ministries for Canyonview Equestrian College, which is a non-profit Christian horsemanship college.

With his father, Ren taught at Steve Zalph's "Festival of the Americas" in New York City.

Dances Ren has taught include Appalachian clog, Big Circle Dancing, and Buck Dancing.