Benoit Bourque


French Canadian, Brittany
French Canadian, Brittany

Benoit Bourque


Benoit Bourque has been a folk dancer since 1973, specializing in the traditions of Québec, Canada.

He has performed and taught folk dancing at many festivals and is also currently artistic director of Les Eclusiers de Lachine dance group.

He danced in the Yves and France Moreau performing group Les Gens de Mon Pays in Montreal in the early 1980s and they still work together with him doing school programs during the year. Although Benoit is not directly related to France, all "Bourque" are descended from the same ancestor, Antoine Bourg, an Acadian.

Benoit has played with many famous musical groups in Quebec including "Ad Vielle que Pourra" and "Le Vent du Nord," and is now with "La Bottine Souriante."

Besides being one of the finest step dancers in Québec, Benoit is a fine singer and button accordion player.

A dazzling performer, Benoit also plays guitar, mandolin, and recorder.

Dances Benoit has taught include La Boulangere, Le Castor, Le Cotillion, La Danse des Mouchoirs, Les Mains Blanches, Quadrille de Lorretteville, Quadrille des Lanciers, and Three-by-three de Plessisville.