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Scottish Country Dance
Scottish Country Dance

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Mary Schoolbraid Branigan Nixon was a Scottish Country Dance teacher from Canada. She received her certificate from the San Francisco branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).

She married Archie Nixon who, with Mary, was one of the teachers of the Winnipeg Branch of the RSCDS. The Branch dancers knew her as Mary Nixon and say that Mary was one of the finest Teachers of Scottish Country Dancing in Canada and that they were so fortunate to have her as a teacher in Winnipeg.

In January of 1964, Bob Campbell of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, devised a dance called "The Golden Ring" (a 32 bar Strasthspey for four couples) to honor Mary Branigan and Archie Nixon who were soon to be married (which she did!).

A booklet of Four SCD in Memory of Mary [Branigan] Nixon was created by the Winnepeg Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).

Dances Mary taught included Balgeddie Reel, Cauld Kail in Aberdeen, Cellardyke, Double Sixsome, Falls of Clyde, Fife Ness, Flowers of Edinburgh, Grant's Reel, The Hamilton Rant, The Lea Rig, Leith Country Dance, Lundin Links Strathspey, Mamie's Jig, Mary Stewart's Strathspey, Mrs. Grant's Fancy, None So Pretty, Pittenweem, Quiet and Snug, Sandy Butterfly, Tartan Plaidie, The Buchan Eightsome Reel, The Camp of Pleasure, The Machine without Horses, The Montgomerie's Rant, and Village Reel.