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Lúcia Cordeiro 2012 Lúcia Helena Albernaz Cordeiro is a world-renowned dance therapist, choreographer, and performing artist. She founded the Integrated Center for Art and Natural Therapies in Rio de Janeiro, and for the past 30 years has dedicated her life to taking individuals into the rich heritage of Afro-Brazilian culture and the healing power of sacred dances from around the world.

She has an extensive education: In 1957, Joao Luiz Rolla Dance School- Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Graduates in Classical Ballet; in 1968, Cazenovia Central School- New York, NY/USA High School Diploma; in 1970, Federal University of Bahia- Salvador, Brazil Bachelor's Degree in Journalism; in 1972, Federal University of Bahia- Salvador, Brazil Certificate classes on Afro-Brazilian, Contemporary Dance and Improvisation; in 1989, Klauss and Angel Vianna Contemporary Dance School, Rio de Janeiro Body Expression/ Awareness, as well as Lola Brickmann, Argentina Creative Dance; in 1990, The Shiatsu School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Certificate of Shiatsu Massage; in 1997, Vibrational Theraphy School- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Transpersonal Psychology (and she received a Certificate on World Dance); in 1999, Ayurvedic Massage Training, Brasilia DF, Brazil Certificate of Massotheraphy.

She has studied with such teachers as: Friedel Kloke (Eibl Meditative and Traditional Dances in Germany), Joyce Dijkstra (Healing Dances and Bach Flowers in Holland), Pablo Scornik (Jewish, Turkish and World Dances in Argentina), Patricia Azarian (Sacred Circle Dances in Brazil), Judie David (Balkan and Gypsy Dances in the United States), Laura Shannon (Eastern Europe Traditional Dances in the United States), and Marie Gabrielle Wosien (Transformation Archetypes on Dance).

Her professional experience includes: Professional dancer for the UFBA Contemporary Dance Company Salvador, Bahia/Brazil; Dancer and Assistant Director for the Baiafro Group (Performed and supervised several multimedia shows), Professional dancer to the Theater of Movement Dance Group in Rio de Janeiro (they Toured Rio de Janeiro state), Founder and director of the Integrated Center for Arts and Natural Therapy in Rio de Janeiro, Solo dancer and Afro/Brazilian Dance teacher (she performed and taught in several countries in Europe, United States and South America), Toured Europe with the German group Ethnic Melodic Percussion Ensemble, Body Expression teacher for actors (in which she assisted theater and TV professionals with breathing, visualization and bodywork), Dance Therapist for Women's groups, and Staff member of Angel Vianna Dance School in Rio de Janeiro.

Lúcia has performed and led workshops in Germany, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York and all over South America. She makes her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lúcia is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. She also was a choreography winner in the Dance Contest in Salvador, Bahia, in 1979.

Lúcia appeared on the Stockton Folk Dance Camp faculty in 2012 as a one-day workshop teacher and was asked to return in 2013 as a full member of the faculty.

Lúcia's publications include

She also performed in the movie "The Amazon Wake" by Brazilian director Anna Penido, Brazil, in 2010.

Dances Lucia has taught include Aquarela do Brasil, Cirandes, Circular, E Vamos á Luta, Festa do Interior, Flor Amarosa, Illumina, Maracá de Lele, Morena do Mar, O Xote das Menenis, Rancheira de Correirinha a Circular, and Vocé Endoideceu meu Coracäo.