Rudy Dannes





Rudy Dannes was born on October 19, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. He was an honor graduate from Garfield High School, Los Angeles, California in 1945. He attended Choinard Art Institute in Commercial Art and the Los Angeles City College in Architectural Preparatory. Rudy enlisted in the United States Army in 1950. He worked as a display man for several department stores and as Art Director for the "Am I Guilty?" television series.

Rudy became very interested in folk dancing and both taught and performed.

Toward the end of 1964, Rudy, Louise (Anderson) Bilman, Chalo Holguin, and Marilyn Sage (who later married Chalo) met at the apartment building of Louise and her daughter "Kit" and sat by the swimming pool to discuss a folk dance situation: They wanted a place to have more hours of dancing after the regular folk dance groups quit for the night at 10:30 p.m. (the groups stopped at that time because the janitors needed to come in to clean the meeting spaces!). They put down $3,000.00 to secure a business building at 630 N. Alvarado Street in Los Angeles, California. That was the start of "The Intersection" Folk Dance Coffeehouse. Although the coffeehouse opened its doors in March, 1964, its official opening was late August. The Intersection closed in 1974.

Rudy directed the Intersection Adagio Dancers which gave several performances.

Rudy is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on.