Desa Djordjević



Desa Djordjević


Desa Djordjević joined the first professional ensemble founded in Beograd, Serbia, and stayed with it until her retirement in 1980.

In ensemble KOLO, she was first a dancer and singer, and later became the choreographer and assistant artistic director. With ensemble KOLO, she visited many countries on five continents.

Desa spent much time in Serbia exploring and recording folk dances, made three records of melodies and songs for dances of Serbia, an together with Rickey Holden, made two dance records. In 1988, her book of dances from the central part of Serbia was published.

For many years Desa was one of the teachers of Serbian dance at the Yugoslav Folk Dance School, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Zagreb, Croatia. As a teacher of Serbian dances, she visited many countries in Europe--Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Desa is a permanent teacher in the Serbian Research Center, which organizes seminars for folk dancing each summer in Serbia

Dances Desa has taught include Basara, Bela Rada, Čačak, Cigančica, Gružanka, Hajduk Veljkovo Kolo, Ja Isprosih, Juriška, Koso Moja, Kriva Kruška, Metovničcanka, Popovičanka, Pošla Rumena, Pošuvoja, Sitan Čačak (Little Čačak), Ti Momo, and Vlainja.