Fred and Mary Enholm


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Fred and Mary Enholm


Frederick G. ("Fred") and Mary Upson Enholm were regular teachers at the Lighted Lantern Folk Dance Camp atop Lookout Mountain just west of Golden, Colorado. Fred was a native of Mobile, Alabama.

For many years, the Enholms were head residents of Steele Community Center. The center enjoyed lively activities in community works, arts, and folk dancing, as well as sports for youngsters, teens, and adults.

Mary Enholm spent part of each year at Trabuco College in the Santa Ana Mountains, some 60 miles south of Los Angeles. She was married to Fred Enholm, who also made shorter visits there. Mary was an organist in an Episcopal church in Denver, and she was the Trabuco choir director. Mary experienced the "Prayer of Quiet," which was a pretty advanced state in the scheme of meditative practices.

Fred Enholm died on November 16, 1980, and Mary Enholm died April 22, 1992.

Dances Fred and Mary taught include Draper's Maggot, Gae Gordons, Gallopede, Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace, Hit and Miss, Jack's Maggot, Nonesuch, Raksi Jaak, Rigs o'Marlow, and Selinger's Round.