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Eastern European
Eastern European

Sue Foy


Sue Foy grew up in California and started dancing at age 7. She attended Humboldt University where she performed with the North Country Int. Folk Ensemble and attended a special dance course in Poland.

Sue has performed in the U.S. with Westwind, Khadra, and Kopackas on the West coast, and Kotansky's Hungarian group on the East coast.

In 1985, Sue attended UCLA for the dance ethnology masters program and spent research time in Hungary focusing on the dance house movement.

In 1990, she moved to Hungary and danced with the Bartok Ensemble for three years. Still living in Hungary, she has been teaching Eastern European Yiddish dance throughout Hungary and Europe.

Sue is married to Michael Foy.

Over the years she has also participated in dance research in Hungary, Slovakia, and Transylvania.