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Jim Gold Jim Gold was introduced to folk dancing while waiting tables in a Catskill mountain resort. He eventually formed Jim Gold International, where he runs folk dance classes, weekends, and, through his Mad Shoe Tours, leads travel groups to such destinations as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Sicily, Slovakia, Spain, and Tunisia.

He graduated from the High School of Music and Art in New York City and attended the University of Rochester, majoring in physics, while studying violin at the Eastman School of Music. He spent a year at the University of Aix-en-Provence in Southern France, returned to the University of Chicago for a B.A. in history, and later received his M.A. from New York University.

Jim is a classical and folk guitarist, whose World of Guitar concert program has been presented in hundreds of schools, colleges, and communities throughout the United States. Jim founded the classic guitar department at Montclair State University and has taught at several colleges and universities, including New York University, Jersey City State, and William Paterson State College. He has often appeared on radio and television and is the author of eight books. His "Jim Gold One Man Show!" takes folk dance, folk songs, classical guitar, stories, prose, and poetry readings hand-tailored to conventions, private parties, corporate events, and churches and synagogue meetings, where joy fills the room as guests sing, laugh, listen, and dance together led by Jim's charm, color, and good humor. As Jim says, "The ultimate idea is to have fun."

Jim is an avid student of languages, yoga, running, history, business, the gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe), and the explorations, mysteries, twists, and turns of the human mind (as he says, "especially my own").

He heads his own company (Jim Gold International), teaches folk dance classes, and organizes folk dance weekends. Through Jim Gold Tours, he leads travel groups to exotic countries to experience history, culture, and folklore. Jim is an avid student of languages, yoga, running, history, the Bulgarian bagpipe (gaida), and mysteries of the human mind.

Jim brings a love of people, music, languages, humor, old cultures, and new discoveries to his tours, concerts, weekends, and folk dance classes, making them a joy for people of all ages. Jim's motto? "Folk Dancers can't be defeeted."

Among Jim's publications which includes ten books are

Jim has produced two recordings of of American folk songs, original songs, and classical guitar music.

Dances Jim has taught include Aide, Ako Oomra, Al Alem Alla, Ale Brider, Am o Mandra, B Moreta Lodka, Bachvanka, Bătuta de la Saucesti, Busk, Can Kız, Cantigas de Santa Maria, Chastushky, Dance of the Firemen, Djeni me Mamo, Donke Lesnoto, Dreidel Čoček, Dvashtim, Easy Winners, Fil-Filo Mome, Fille Delaisse, Freilach, Hadi, Honga, Hora lui Budisteanu, I've Been Up and Down, Jaunas Bernuzelis, Jerusalem Ridge, Jest Vino, Kamenopolsko oro, Kapura, Karamfilo, Komaroni, Kopanica, Kotlenska svatbarska rŭčenica, Layla Layla, Maica Maica, Marco Polo's Dream, Mi se Sobrale, Moldavia, Moldavian Hora lui Aurescu, Odam, Orawa, Oy Baboushka, Oy Pri Louzhka, Pak Sum Piyan, Platky, Posloushaite Patrioti, Pozdrav, Pravo Horo Ivan, Prodomeni Agapi, Reel du Panier, Russian Round, Sbogam Mila, Sborensko Horo, Scott's Rag, Signa, Sîrba de la Vadoul, Stani Kume Stani, Stari Zupski Ples, Što Mi e Milo, Timonya Krugovaya, Tish Kazala, Tritsim, U Šest Number 7, Varka Sto Yialo, Vitta na Crozza, Vradiazi, Yom Yom ne Prishyal, and Yürü Yürü.