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Joe Graziosi Kaloyanides Graziosi, who goes by his nickname "Joe," was raised in the Greek American Community in Boston, Massachusetts. His roots derive, on his mother's side, from Eastern Thrace. He received a B.A. (cum laude) Degree in Eastern History from Brandeis University. In 1975, he conducted dance research in villages in Greece with the noted folklorist Ted Petrides. Since that time he has done extensive independent research in folk music and dance in Greece, the former Greek areas of the Anatolian Peninsula, and the Greek-American communities in New England and New York. He has compiled an exhaustive library of scholarly research as well as a comprehensive video library and musical archive.

Joe began his formal pursuit of the study, documentation, and promulgation of traditional Greek dance during a semester-abroad program in Athens where he worked with the noted folklorist, Ted Petrides (1975). Concurrent with his research in 1978 and 1980, he directed the Meraklides Folk Dance Troupe. In 1982, under the sponsorship of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ethnic Folk Arts Center, he directed the Greek Music Tour. He was also principal editor and author of an accompanying booklet on Greek music, dance and instrumentation.

Joe Graziosi 2016 From 1983 to 1989, Joe was co-founder and instructor and dancer for the Greek-American Folklore Society in Astoria, NY. Since 1984, he has taught traditional folk and urban dances of the Greek peoples for various organizations throughout the United States and Canada, including major dance camps, weekend seminars, and retreats for both professional and amateur dance troupes as well as social clubs, community and church groups, and folk dance organizations not only in New York, but all over the United States.

In 1990, Joe was invited to teach Greek dance in Japan and Taiwan, returning in 1992. Joe was also a guest lecturer on Greek dance and music for the ethnomusicology departments of the Universities of California Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (UCLA and UCSB). Since 1985, he has served as advisor and judge for the annual Folk Dance Festival (FDF) held under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of the Western States.

Joe is co-founder and co-director of the annual World Music & Dance Camp at Cape Cod, Massachussetts.

Joe has produced numerous anthology compact discs of dances from recorded sources not widely available in the United States, which he makes available to students in his classes. He is the principal author of a 35-page booklet on Greek regional music and dance.

Dances Joe has taught include Aptal Havasi (Aptaliko), Arvantiko, Arvanitovlacha, Bafra Horunu, Bros Piso, Brovalete from Naxos, Daliana, Daulara Chalar, Devenaghas, Dhipat, Dhondia Pikna, Dhivaratikos, Etere, Fezodhervenaghas, Haniotikos Syrtos (Kritikos Syrtos), Ikariotikos, Island Syrto, Issios, Karada, Karagouna, Kasap'kia, Kavondoritiko, Kleftes, Kleistos, Kotsari, Koulouriotiko Palio Hasapiko, Koutsos Horos, Ksisyrtos, Kuluriastos, Lemonia, Levantianos, Lohias, Maleviziotikos, Marina, Marusiana, Matentzidika, Milia, Mulayevo (Stankino), Myltilini, Ola Ta Melachrina, Omal, Papadhopanayiotena (Syrtos Tsirigotikos), Patrona, Pentozali, Pidhihtos, Pidhihtos of the Dodecanese, Puscheno, Raikos, Roditikos, Şari Kız, Serviko, Sfarlis, Smyrneikos Zebekikos, Stankena, Stankino, Syrto Politiko, Syrtos from Limnos, Syrtos Maios, Syrtos Serifos, Syrtos Tsirighetikos, Tai Tai, T Ez Vasili, Tik, Tikveskino, Trata Arvanitiki, Triandafillia, Tripatos, Triplon Kotchari, Tsakonikos, Tsamikos Vlastis, Vlacha from Naxos, Yantitska, Yiatros, Vlackna, Yantzieska, Yiatros, Zagorisios, Zajko, Zeybekiko, and Zonaradhikos.