Shalom Hermon



Shalom Hermon


Shalom Hermon was born Friedrich "Fritz" Weisskopf in Breslau, Poland (a German city in Upper Silesia). He took the name Shalom, meaning "peace," and Hermon after Mount Hermon because Weisskopf, or "white head," was reminiscent of the snow-covered mountain.

While a youth in Germany, Hermon participated in Maccabia Jewish athletic meets. He came to Eretz Yisrael in 1938 and by World War II was a lieutenant in the Jewish Brigade.

Hermon brought folk dance fully into the Israeli public school curriculum through a comprehensive program. As a result of his work, concentration in dance was possible in more than fifty high schools and became an accredited subject on the compulsory matriculation examinations from high school.

In 1982, for his years of contribution to "Physical Education, Fitness, Science of Physical Education, Sport and Dance in Israel," he was given the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Award by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Shalom Hermon died in Jerusalem on June 9, 1992.

Dances that Shalom taught include Bat Harim, Bat Tsurim, Bat Yiftach, Bnot Gilad, Chemdati, Dayagim, Dayagim (Shir Dayagim), Debka Dayagim, Debka Kafrit, Einbalim, El Hakramim, Hadoodaim, Hagavia, Hana'ava Babanot, Hora Bialik, Hora Neurim, Inbalim, Kumi Ori, Le'or Chiyuchech, Mechol Hadayagim (Shir Hdayagim), Mechol Hanoar, Mechol Hayayin, Megared Li (Harikud Haskandanavi), Mezari Yisrael (Mezareh Israel), Sapri Tama, and Vehaya Ke'etz Shatul.