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Ed Kremers


Ed Kremers Edward "Ed" Louis Kremers, from 1943 to 1944, was the second president of the Folk Dance Federation of California. It was Ed who started the Federation's two-page mimeographed publication under the name "Federation Folk Dancer" that was soon renamed Let's Dance magazine, as Michael and Mary Ann Herman had a publication in New York called the "Folk Dancer."

In those years, there were very few folk dance teachers and practically no square dance callers. Ed was one of the first in both fields, and through his example, many were inspired to follow suit.

After World War II, Ed opened up a folk dance record shop, "Ed Kremer's Festival Folk Shop," to cater to the needs of the rapidly growing numbers of folk dancers in northern California. It was Ed who stepped in to fund the publishing committee when the Federation didn't have enough in the coffers to finance the first volumes of dance descriptions, "Dances From Near and Far." Ed also approached record companies to explain the advantages to them of pressing records.

Whenever a need arose for a folk dance teacher, caller, or master of ceremonies, there was Ed ready, willing, and able to step in and fill the gap . . . right up until the day he passed away on July 23, 1998. Perhaps Ed's greatest legacy to the dance movement may have been through his son, Ed Kremers Jr., who wrote, "I agree, my Dad was a special person. I am a full time traveling caller; must be in the blood."

Ed Kremers passed away on July 23, 1998. He is sorely missed by all who knew him.

Dances Ed taught include squares and rounds.