Yves Leblanc



Yves Leblanc


Yves Leblanc taught clarinet and Breton dances all around Europe to share his passion for Breton Music. Yves was an extraordinary singer, musician, dancer, and teacher.

Yves was 10 years old when he started dancing with "Cercle Celtique Saint Lunaire." Then he became a dance tutor at "Ti Kendalc'h" in Saint Vincent sur Oust.

In the meantime he trained as a stantard clarinet player while playing by ear with less "standard" players (bombard/biniou players), and other traditional musicians!

He participated in "Eveil à la musique," an itinerant school adventure with Yann Dour, in and around Ploermel, to teach clarinet and Breton dance.

He produced "Apprenez la dance bretonne," a DVD series about Breton dance which is now the reference.

He was a tutor for dance teachers for the dance organizations "Kendalc'h" and "War-Leur."

Tireless traveller, Yves went all over Europe proposing dance workshops and playing in bals. He was a favorite at festivals where he brought boundless energy and good humor. His love of dance was contageous. His teaching was varied and easy to follow.

Yves passed away in April, 2019.