Juan Lozano and Jean Sandos



Juan Lozano


Jean Sandos and Juan Lozano Juan Lozano and Jean Sandos danced Mexican dances and presented slide and tape commentaries.

Lozano is the director and choreographer for the Ballet Arca of Morelia, Mexico, and was considered an outstanding teacher of Mexican dance.

He and his dance partner Jean Sandos of Williamsburg, Virginia, were representatives of Mexico in the National Folk Festival of the United States National Endowment for the Arts.

Lozano and Sandos did their first tour in the eastern United States in 1973 and made an impressive hit with their dances, embellished by knowledgeable and entertaining commentary on Mexican history, tradition, costumes, and colorful folkways.

For Lozano's American partner, formerly of Mexico, the 1973 tour included a Guest Artist in Residency at Madison College, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Their engagements in 1973 included International Children's Day in Virginia, New York's University, and international folk dance groups.

In 1974, they performed at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. They represented Mexico in the National Folk Festival at Wolf Trap Farm and Mariachi America, composed of six Mexican musicians who had entertained Washington audiences at the Kennedy Center.

Juan and Jean were active with teaching and demonstrations in schools, camps, and workshops, and they worked with Berry College dance classes in addition to their public performance at Berry.

The couple appeared at the Berry College's Ford Auditorium in September of 1974.

Dances Juan and Jean taught include El Gallito, Jabali, La Jesusita in Chihuahua, and Los Caballos Panzones.