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Social dance

Michael Marangio


Michael Marangio trained for ten years with the National Swing Dance champion Kelly Buckwalter. During the more than 15 years that he has been swing dancing, Michael has been a contestant, performer, teacher, choreographer, and dance judge.

As a contestant, he won first-place awards at the Monterey Swing Fest, Big Band Swing Contest, and the Union Street Festival Swing Dance Contest.

Michael's performance experiences are many and varied and include film, video, and Macromedia CD-ROM. Some highlights include The Stanford Ragtime Ball and Jitterbug Jam in 1997 and 1998, Lucas Film Holiday Swing Party in 1997, Soul Mates (a TV pilot) in 1997, Steve Good Music Video in 1998, and Macromedia CD-ROM swing dance performance for software promotional materials.

Michael's judging credits include the Metronome Ballroom Swing Dance Contests in 1996, the Great American Music Hall Swing Contests in 1997, the Head Judge for the Big Bear Lake Dance Camp in 1998, and the Modesto Valley Dance Fest in 1999.

Michael is the owner of Shagtime, a business that promotes the appreciation of vintage dances of the 1920s to the 1940s through instruction, performance, choreography, judging, and writing. Michael has been a dance teacher since 1995.

Dances Michael has taught include Balboa, Big Apple, Charleston, East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Shim Sham, and St. Louis Shag.