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Dolores O. Mariano taught dances from the Philippines. Dolores was in the Physical Education Department of the Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines, and was on a sabbatical leave in 1963 from that University to attend the International Workshop in Physical Education at New York University (NYU). She was at NYU from July to August, 1963, and stayed the 1963-64 school year to take advanced professional courses in recreation.

Dolores is a capable teacher of Philippine folk dances. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a major in Physical Education and a minor in History. She finished the required courses leading to a Master's Degree in Education.

Dolores has many years teaching experience and holds memberships in the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), the Physical Education Club of the Philippines, and the Philippine Folk Dance Society.

Dances Dolores' taught include Biniganbigat, Escopiton Malandog, Esperanza, Garambal, Haplik, Himig sa Nayon, Itik-Itik, Kuratsa (Curacha), La Jota, La Jota san Joaquiña, La Jota Moncadeña, Laota (La Jota), Lubi-Lubi, Mazurka, Pandango sa Ilaw, Pandango Dumagueteño, Polka Española, Polka sa Nayon, Sakuting, Tiklos, and Visayan Mazurka.