Anna Mavrou



Anna Mavrou Bouziani


Anna Mavrou Bouzanis is from the island of Kalymnos in the Dodecanese Islands. She and her husband, Pavlos Bouzanis, are pharmacists and have a drug store in Kalamata, but, she says, "My heart is in dancing Greek folk dances."

She has been active in the Lykeion ton Ellinidon since her childhood in Kalymnos, where the focus is on Asia Minor and Kalymnian dances. In Kalamata, she specializes in the mainland dances of Greece. She has performed in many major cities in Europe.

Presently appointed to the board of directors of the Lykeion, she coordinates the folk singing group and is assistant director of all dance groups. "In the last four years, my husband Pavlos has also become a member of the Lykeion and has joined me in many performances."

Not only is she blessed with a fine singing voice like her mother, Kalliopi "Popi" Mavrou, who is president of the Lykeion ton Ellinidon of Kalymnos, Anna has a sensitivity to traditional styling. Her vocals may be heard on the CD "Ellada Pou Den Xerete" (The Greece You Don't Know).

Dances Anna teaches include Ballaristos from Amorgo, Dances from Capadokia, Karsilama (three types) from Asia Minor, Soustas (Kalymnian, Karpathos, Rodos, Kasos), and Zembetiko from Mitlini.