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Bruce Mitchell



Bruce Mitchell stated folk dancing in 1951 as part of a folk dancing family in Stockton. He first attended the Stockton Folk Dance Camp in 1952 and attended every camp session since that time.

Teen-ager Bruce Mitchell with Millie von Konsky, 1955 In July of 1955, as a teen-ager, Bruce was one of the first youngsters to win a scholarship to the California Stockton Folk Dance Camp as a representative of the Stockton Council of the Folk Dance Federation of California. The scholarship was presented by Millie von Konsky, who was chairing the junior scholarship committee that year. Bruce had already been teaching folk dancing and exhibited a keen interest in the folk dance movement.

Virginia, Bruce, and Chris Mitchell Bruce was the director of the Camtia Dance Ensemble of Sacramento since 1960 and was the director of the Seljan Dance Ensemble for three years. Extending his folk experience, Bruce made three trips at the invitation of Chang Ching-shan to Taiwan and Hong Kong as a guest instructor of international dance.

Bruce continued to be active in the Folk Dance Federation of California, and in 1968, he became its president, serving for two years.

He was married to Virginia and they have a son, Chris.

In 1955, Bruce became a member of the Stockton Camp Committee. He took over as its director from Jack McKay in 1967. Bruce was on the Board of Trustees and was president of the National Folk Organization (NFO).

Bruce passed away around October 3, 2021.

Dances Bruce has taught include Alunelul ca la Gorj, Amos Moses, Arap, Bossa Nova Mixer, Bučimiš, Četvorka, Ćiro, Continental Hustle, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cumberland Square, Dînga, Dobre Stara Dni (Good Old Days), El Carnavalito, Gustav's Skoal, Hitch Hiker, Hustle, Iu Hu, Ivanice, Jianul<, Lipa ma Marýca, Maple Leaf Rag, Mayim, New York Hustle, Pata Pata, Popcorn, Prigorska Polka, Ruby Baby, Sedi Donka, Seven Jumps, Sîrba Dogarilor, Slap Slap, Snoopy, Strumička Petorka, Twelve Step, Ţupa, and Yenka.