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Bea Montross

Bea Montross is well-known as an international folk dance teacher and dance ethnologist. She has conducted her workshops, seminars, master classes, and lecture/demonstrations a many universities and cultural institutions in the Unites States, Canada, and Bermuda. She has also been on the faculty of leading dance camps throughout the country.

Bea's love interest and love for Latin American music and dance is an outgrowth of her involvement with Méxican folk culture. Over a span of many years, Bea studied anthropology, folklore, and ethnomusicology in Méxican universities in addition to dance, choreography, and costume design with renowned specialists and performing groups in various regions there.

She has a considerable collection of indigenous and Mestiza costumes, slides, and film of dance fiestas taken on location. Her Master's project in Dance Anthropology led to extensive research and fieldwork in various regions of México and among Latin American communities in the United States.

Bea is an artist-in-residence under the auspices of the Wyoming State Council on the Arts has been appointed to the Speakers Bureau for the Wyoming Council for the Humanities, and travels to many parts of the state teaching dance or lecturing on aspects of folklore.

Bea lives and teaches in Cheyenne, Wyoming. At 80, she still takes belly dance classes. Bea's husband, Charles, died on July 26, 1983 in Cheyenne, Wyoming due to an aneurism of the brain while walking on the street. Bea passed away peaceably in her sleep January 7, 2020.

Dances Bea has taught include Baile da Camacha, Cachimbo, Chotis de la Frontera, Cielito, Evangelina, Harvest-Time Jig, Huachi Torito, Karamfil, Kirya, La Jota San Joaquina, La Mazurka Mexicana, Laner Velabesamim, Louisiana Saturday Night, Mayflower, Mazurka Mexicana, Polka Chihuahua, Sepastia Bar, Ten Count Novelty Line Dance, Triangle Waltz Mixer, Yolanda, and Zumbador.