James E. Morrison


American, Colonial

James Morrison, 1976, Miami Folk Dancers archives


James E. "Jim" Morrison taught American and American Colonial dances. In American Country Dances of the Revolutionary Era 1776-1795 he said, "Country dances (contras) were the most popular of the social dances done by all ages and all classes of society in America curing the latter part of the 18th century. By the 1780s Americans began calling these dances 'contra dances', probably derived from the French term contradanse."

James' publications include

In February of 1976, he taught American Colonial dance at the Miami Valley Folk Dancers in Dayton, Ohio.

James E. Morrison died in 1978.

Dances James taught include The Convention, Doubtful Shepherd, Four Hand Reel, German Spa, Irish Wash Woman, Maid of the Oaks, Marlbroun, Money in Both Pockets - Maid of the Mill, St. Patrick's Day in the Morning, Six Hand Reel, Soldier's Joy, Stony Point, Three Hand Reel, Yankee Doodle, and Young Widow.