Grace West Newman



Grace West Newman 1951


Grace West Newman, born in La Grande, Oregon, was of French Protestant extraction. She taught international folk dance and was one of the early folk dance pioneers.

She was a remarkable woman of many talents. She was the piano player for Vyts Beilajus during his early teachings in California and Stockton when no records were available for his dances. She also recorded one record for Vyts.

Grace taught in many camps throughout California and organized the Rikudom Israeli folk dance group in San Francisco in 1957.

She taught at the California College of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp) from 1948 to 1952 and in 1958.

With Richard Lindauer, Grace published Min Skål, Din Skå, A Songbook for Folkdancers (Baladmongers: 1951 with 23 pages of music and lyrics for 15 songs in English).

She and her husband, Harold Newman, produced several books. Among them are:

Grace passed away on May 15, 1982.

Dances Grace taught include A Trip to Paris, Bergtau Ländler, Dreisteyrer, Fight Plattle, Italian Danza, Mijn Wagen, Peerdesprong, Roselaar, Shuhplattler Ländler, Tarantella Montervigne, Tarantella per Cinque, The Hole in the Wall, and The Windmill.