Jean Noble



Jean Noble


Jean Noble danced a little Scottish Country Dancing in Scotland, Singapore, and Montréal, but it wasn't until she came to Toronto in 1959 that she became "hooked" on it and joined the Toronto Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS). She commenced to dance with various social groups and demonstration teams in Toronto.

For many years, Jean and her husband Michael, also a Scottish dancer, were very involved with the Perth Pavilion during Toronto’s multi-cultural Caravan festival. Jean also performed in comedy shows, which were part of the Scottish cultural scene.

After the birth of her two daughters, both of whom now teach Scottish dancing, Jean began teaching children's dance classes, which she continued for 12 years. An adult dance group that she started in 1974, Hillcrest, is still flourishing and its members support many of the Toronto Branch RSCDS functions.

Jean served on the RCDS Toronto Branch committee and taught Scottish Country Dance at all levels of expertise. She also taught at workshops in both Canada and the USA.

Jean taught the Teacher Candidate class, which gave her great pleasure, because the successful new teachers spread the joy of dancing to others.

Jean is a Scroll of Honor winner.

Dances Jean taught include Mrs. Hamilton of Eaglemount.