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Maurice Perez



Maurice Perez Maurice Perez has been dancing as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer since 2008. He studied ballet, modern, jazz, and mime in Paris with a great master teacher.

Since 1978, Maurice has made Montréal his home where he built his universe in Israeli dancing as director of his own group, The Harimon Israeli Dancers.

He founded and directed his own dance camp, Danse Montréal, for 20 years and has worked with adults, children, teenagers, and seniors for the last 30 years in schools and golden age centers to prepare shows, festivals, and holiday celebrations.

Maurice has choreographed for The Montréal Yiddish Theatre and TV productions, and has performed on stage in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Since 1982, Maurice has choreographed his own dances and has taught some of them at a teachers' dance seminar in Israel, in many camps in north America (of course Mainewoods), and Europe. He won the first prize in Caesarea, Israel, in a contest of new dances with his dance Hora Gil.

Dances Maurice has taught include Achat Sha'alti, Ani Chozer Habayta, Bachafla, Bein Ha'arbayim (Shaot Bein Ha'arbaim), Bo Lirkod Lashalom, Bo'i Kalah II, Chafla, Chagigat Neurim, Debka Pnina, Elef Neshikot, Emek Haprachim, Hatikva Leshalom, Hi Rokedet, Hilula Latzadik, Hora Am, Hora Sfradit (Hora Gil), Le'artzi Be'ahava (At Va'ani Noladnu Betashach), Lo Meshane Li, Machol Legalit, Matnat Hashem, Musika Menagenet Ahava, Natati Etz, Nigun Chadash, Niguno Shel Uri, Or Ariel, Patish Masmer, Po Vasham, Rikud Leka'itz, Seniorita, Shalom Leven Dodi, Shivti, Shnayim Sheyoshvim, Shnei Chalilim, Shtey Ahavot, Simchat Hahora, Simchat Yerushalayim (Lashana Haba'a Biy'reshalaim), Tel Aviv, Tfila Leshalom, Tov Shebatem, Tzigale Bigale Boom, Ura Dor, Ya Ribon Olam, Yemei Hachanukah, Yonati Halevana (Ma'amin Baruach), Yossephyah (Shoshi), Zehuvat Taltalim, Zichoronot Ahava, and Zichronot Bakerem.