Vladimir Perfiloff


Russian, Ukrainian
Russian, Ukrainian

A few members of the Perfiloff Dance Ensemble


Vladimirs Perfiloff (standing in the second row) was a Sokol member and dance teacher. He fostered a love of Russian culture in his young dance students, many of whom joined his ensemble.

Vladimir said that he gained his knowledge of Ukrainian dancing from Ukrainian emigres in Salzburg, Austria after World War II.

The Periloff Dance Ensemble, started in 1963 by Vladimir, performed internationally and was based at the Russian Center for several years. The group of 24 dancers performed from 1977 to 1980.

Vladimir taught several workshops, one being at the San Leandro High School on January 22, 1983.

A number of Perfiloff dancers later started their own groups, including Neva, Khadra, and Westwind.

In 2003, the Russian Center dance studio was dedicated in Vladimir's honor.