Danny Pollock



Danny Pollock


Danny Pollock was born in Israel and has been teaching and performing Israeli folk dance throughout the New York Metropolitan area and beyond for many years. Influenced by Arab, Romanian, and Russian styling in addition to the styling of his native Israeli, Danny is a well-known master teacher of Israeli folk dance.

Danny has led his own classes and sessions, as well as regularly guest teaching at other folk dance sessions.

He creates children's dances for pre-school ages and special-needs children, focused on engaging them with music and dance appropriate for their age and ability level. For adults, he specializes in styling and instruction, including focus on age-appropriate material. His weekly classes are among the most popular offerings at the "92nd Street Y" in Manhattan.

Danny has taught Israeli folk dance classes, sessions, and workshops for many years. He has taught at numerous folk dance camps and weekends including "Hora Keff," "Shorashim," Ellen Golann's "International & Israeli Folk Dance Weekend," and "Maine Folk Dance Camp." He has also led workshops at contra dance weekends, namely "NOMAD," "NEFFA," and "LCFD Dance Camp." Danny has also led teacher training workshops and has choreographed more than a dozen dances for children.

He has performed with numerous Israeli dance troupes including "Ayalah" and "Kalanit" in Philadelphia, "Parparim" in New York City, "Screaming Sa'adya & The Electric Camels" in Boston, as well as doing his own solo performances. For more than fifteen years he has served as a Tap Captain for Macy's "Tap-O-Mania."

Danny has been involved with New York's Annual Israeli Folk Dance Festival through the years in numerous capacities, serving as dance assistant to the director, performer, festival group choreographer, festival finale director and choreographer, and as community dance leader.

Dances Danny has taught include Ahavat Haddasah #2, Ahavat Raya, Eshal Elohai, Harishut, Hava Nagila, Hedvat Neurim, Hopa Hey, Keshoshana, Ki Eshmera Shabbat, Ma Navu, Mi Yitneni Of, Nevatim, Sham Haray Golan, Uri Tzion, V'David Yafeh Einayim, and Zemer Ikarim.