W. Lilian Ross



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W. Lilian Ross was among the people who formed the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) on 26 November 1923. She is fondly remembered in the Glasgow Branch and at the annual RSCDS Summer School at St. Andrews where for many years she was the "Tea Lady," organizing a regular provision of liquid refreshment for thirsty dancers.

Although presenting a rather formidable and stern appearance, Miss Ross had a quick and pawky sense of humour which was greatly appreciated by those who knew her well. She was rarely seen without a cigarette and without her knitting "pins" from which she produced an unending supply of white kilt stockings, destined to adorn the "pins" of many Scottish Country Dancers.

It was very appropriate that Miss Ross, as a founding member of the Society, was Chairman of the Glasgow Branch in 1973, the 50th Anniversary year. In her own inimitable style she presided over the Jubilee celebrations of the Branch and also of the Society which were held in Glasgow in November 1973.

Lilian Ross taught a workshop for the Miami Valley Folk Dancers, Dayton, Ohio, in January of 1956.

Dances Lilian taught include American Mony Musk, American Petronella, Birks of Invermay, Come Ashore Jolly Tar, Hamilton House, Highland Reel, Jessie's Hornpipe, Ladies Fancy, Lord Rosslyn's Fancy, Monymusk, Mrs. Macleod, Rakes of Glasgow, Scottish Petronella, Scottish Reform, and She's Ower Young to Marry Yet.