Ferenc and Zsuzsanna Sára



Ferenc Sara and Zsuzsa Vargas Sára - NO PHOTO


Ferenc "Feri" Sára is considered the leading exponent of music and dance from Gyimes, Hungary. Though not native to the region, he and his wife, Zsuzsanna "Zsuzsa" Varga Sára, have lived there for many years, studying the music and dance and adopting the region as their home.

Feri and Zsuzsanna sang, played, music, and danced at the Téka Ensemble's 25th anniversary party.

Feri taught Gyimesi Csángó dances at Folklore Village in Wisconsin in 1994. He and Zsuzsa taught Méhkeréki dances in Seattle, Washington, in 1997.

The couple appeared at the Baring-Gould Folk Festival in the United Kingdom in 2003, where they played Csángó music and Zsuzsa taught dance. They also choreographed a suite of dances for the Csángó Ball in 2001. Ferenc won a Special Award in 1983 at the Hungarian National Solo Dance Festival in Békescsaba and has been a special guest of Téka, a Hungarian orchestra.

Feri and Zsuzsa can be heard on the CD Téka Ensemble - Oskelet, Ancient East. Hungarian Folk Music (TVM 117).

Dances Feri and Zsuzsa have taught include Gyimesi Csángó dances and Méhkeréki dances.