Fusae Senzaki-Carroll


Balkan, Turkish

Fusae Senzaki-Carroll


Fusae Senzaki-Carroll was born in Oita, Japan. She began folk dancing as a college student in Tokyo, engaging in a broad array of international dances.

After graduating in the mid-1970s, her interest focused on Balkan dancing. She began traveling abroad to learn more about the dances and their cultures. She has studied dance in Macedonia and Romania and has taken additional classes in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and Turkey.

For the last thirty years, Fusae has regularly taken foreign dance teachers on tour in Japan where they have taught workshops and weekend camps throughout the country. She moved to Sacramento in 1984, but returns to Japan three or four times a year for these tours.

She is regularly invited to camps throughout Canada and United States as a teaching assistant to Atanas Kolarovski, the now-legendary Macedonian dancer and choreographer.

Dances Fusae has taught include Berovsko za Pojas, Čije e Ona Mome, Debarska Svadba, Egejskoto, Kaladzoj, Leši, Lesnoto Majka, Letevsko, Snošti te Pravtiv na Voda, Staro Makedonsko, Svadbarsko Oro, Svekrvino Oro, Tri Godini Kate, and Žensko Čamčce.