Ann Smerciu


Romanian, international

Ann Smerciu photo courtesy of Mainewoods Camp

Courtesy of Mainewoods Camp

Ann Smerciu began folk dancing as a recreational activity in high school and has enjoyed folk dancing ever since. Ann danced with Kopanitsa in Victoria, British Columbia, performing dances from the Balkans and the Middle East, and with BALADA Romanian Folk Dance Ensemble.

In 1985, Ann accepted the position of Artistic Director with BALADA and has guided the ensemble on several successful performing / study tours in Canada and overseas.

Ann has taken classes with three major folk dance ensembles in Romania and has studied with Petre Bodeu, Theodor Vasilescu, and Viorel Vatamaniuc, founders and directors of Romania's National Folkloric Ensembles Rhapsodia Romana in Bucareşti and Ciprian Porumbescu in Suceava.

Although Ann specializes in Romanian folk dance she also has a great interest in dances from the Balkans, the Middle East, northern Europe, and North America, and has participated in many folk dance classes in North America with many internationally acclaimed folk dance instructors.

Since 1979, Ann has been an instructor with the Edmonton International Dancers. She has instructed several children's dance groups (Romanian, Slovenian, and international) and has presented numerous successful Romanian and international folk dance workshops in Canada in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, and Kitchener.

Ann is a Full Member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA). 

Dances Ann has taught include Hora ca la Caval, Hora Dreapta, Rața, Ta Lipauska, and Tonntracha Torrai (Waves of Tory).