Szilárd Szabó and Ildikó Németh



Szilárd Szabó and Ildikó Németh


Szilárd "SziSzi" Szabó was one of the first dancers of the Bartók Ensemble under the leadership of Sándor Timár in the 1970s. He was principal dancer with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble as well as with the Kodály Ensemble and ranks with the most exceptional dancers today in Hungary. He also was a contributing guest artist for the Ensemble.

SziSzi and his wife Ildikó Németh have earned the title "Young Folklore Artist Larueates." In addition to their current activities as directors and choreographers of their own folk dance group, Százszorszép Táncegyüttes, in Martonvásár (about 30 kilometers from Budapest), they also travel to teach dance and choreographies.

In 1995, the couple choreographed Galgamenti Táncok and Kalotaszegi Hajnali dal -- Legényes és Csárdás for the Csárdás Dance Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

Szilárd danced with the Bartók, Kodály Kamara, and Téka dance groups. Ildikó started out as a professional dancer and women’s leader with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Both SziSzi and Ildikó earned a folk dance teaching degree and held artistic director positions with various ensembles, including Martonvásári Százszorszép, Bartók, and Pozsonyi Szőttes. They taught at the Liszt Ferenc Music Art University, the highest level music institution in Hungary. They regularly teach at several camps, including Széki, Jászberényi, and Kiscsőszi Pajtafesztivál.

Dances SziSzi and Ildikó have taught include Dances from Váilaszat, Dances from Dél-Alföld, Dances from Szék, Dances from Szilágyság, Galgamenti Táncok, and Pannonia.