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French Canadian
French Canadian

Paul-André Tétreault


Paul-André Tétreault taught French Canadian folk dance and was one of the leading personalities in the Montréal folk dance movement. He published a French language folk dance newsletter and accompanied Vyts Beliajus for one summer during Vyts' tour through the United States. He taught French-Canadian dances at the Kentucky Folk Dance Institute and taught at the California College of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp) in 1960.

All that ended when he graduated from the university as an architect, married Yvonne La-Flamme, and produced four children plus three adopted children of his sister when the parents were killed in an auto accident.

Paul-André has had a distinguished career and is internationally known in architecture in Québec, Canada. He founded the Paul-André Tétreault Architect Company in 1981 and was invited to lecture in many countries in Europe, Egypt, Israel, China, Thailand, and other Asian lands.

He served on several boards, including those of the Heart Institute and University of Montreal. He was a councilor in the administration of Pierre Desmarais II, between 1977 and 1983.

Paul-André Tétreault passed away in 2016.

Dances Paul-André taught include Canada Quadrile de Barachois, La Patate Longue, and Le Brise-Barriero.