Dorien van de Belt



Dorien van de Belt 2021


Dorien van de Belt has been interested and active in international folk dancing since a very young age. As a kid she learned her first dances during the weekend camps of Imago, a youth organization originating from the Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale (AJC), the Labour Youth Movement in the Netherlands. In her teens she joined her mother's and sister's folk dance group.

Dorien studied mechanical engineering at the "Technical University Twente" where she joined the International Folk Dance Association "Agapo." After graduating, Dorien continued with a two-year training program for folk dance teaching and dance instruction developing personal dance skills in Romanian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Russian, Dutch, and American dance styles.

She found a post-doc position in the United Kingdom where she combined work (biomechanics) and passion (dance) again: a project involving developing software for the animation of dance and joined the London folk dance scene.

She is a popular dance teacher among international dance groups in the region around Enschede and is regularly invited for workshops. She made the choice not to specialize in one style but to appreciate multiple styles.