Marko Vukadinović



Marko Vukadinovic


Marko Vukadinović, born in Čačak, Serbia, in 1980, lives in Seattle with his wife Mirjana. Gifted as a dancer, singer, and accordionist, he toured with the Abrasević ensemble of Čačak and the Branko Krsmanović ensemble of Belgrade, and won a gold medal as best amateur dancer at the Kragujevac festival in 2000, before moving to the U.S.

In this country he has worked with Serbian and American folklore enthusiasts. He revisited his father's village of Trnovac (near Zaječar in East Serbia), and his mother's village Bresnica (near Kragujevač in Central Serbia), to restudy original dances, songs, and music. He has been earning a reputation as a patient and energetic teacher, a merry-maker at parties, a lover of Serbian folk traditions.

Marko taught at the 2005 California Kolo Festival, at the 2006 Serbian folk dance workshops in Chicago, and the 2006 International Folk Dancing at the Fermilab.

Marko is the Dance Director of the Balkana Dance Ensemble.

Marko has recorded with the musical group Balkan Cabaret.

Dances Marko has taught include Brzak, Čarevčevo Kolo, Katunsko Oro, Leskovački Č:ačak, Nova Homoljka, Polomka, Pridvori Čanka, Retka Šumadinka, Romska Igra, Rumenka, and Vasino Kolo.