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Marilyn Wathen Smith


Marilyn Wathen (Smith) has been teaching international folk dance since 1971.

In 1981, she began research into the traditional dance and music of France, studying in master dance classes and meeting with traditional musicians and instrument makers. She travelled widely in both eastern and western Europe, studying folk dances in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Portugal, and France.

She has helped coordinate visits to the United States for French dance teachers and musicians. She has also helped organize folk dance weekends and camps at Mendocino Woodlands.

Marilyn has taught throughout the United States and Canada, including workshops at North / South Teachers Seminar in Stockton, California; Stockton Folk Dance Camp; Buffalo Gap Folk Dance Camp; Maine Folk Dance Camp; Pine Woods Camp; at the Conservatoire Occitan in France; at the Miami Valley Folk Dancers in Dayton, Ohio; and at the California Traditional Music Society.

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Marilyn has collaborated with the band Pichona Troç to recreate the unique sound of the central-French provinces of Berry and surrounding regions.

Her repertoire of French dances includes those of Alsace, Auvergne, Bearn, Berry, Gascogne, Limousin, and Pays Basque.

Dances Marilyn has taught include Arin-Arin, Ballada, Bourrée d'Auvergne, Bourrée des Jeunes, Bourrée Droite, Branle Airejan, Branle d'Ossau, Congo de Captieux, Cotriade, Dus, La Ballada, La Crouzade, La Maître Maison, La Montagnarde, La Tournante des Grandes Poteries, La Tournijaire, Mariana, Marin-Congo, Mazurka de Samatan, Mazurka-Valse, Rondeau de Casteljaloux, Rondeau de Garein, Rondeau de Grenade, Rondeau de Luxey, Scottish, Scottish Alsacienne, Scottish-Valse, Set Sauts, Suite des Bourrées Croisées, Tournante des Grandes Poteries, Tournijaire, and Tisserands.