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Folk Ensemble

1984 Program
By Dick Oakes



Folk Ensemble

MITCHELL ALLEN, Executive Director
DON SPARKS, Artistic Director
LEONA WOOD, Founding Artistic Director

MARDI ROLLOW, Associate Artistic Director
JOHN ZERETZKE, Music Coordinator
DEANNE SPARKS, Vocal Coordinator

LIZ STILLWELL, Lighting Design



TRANSYLVANIA - Hungarian Folk Dance
This suite of folk dances from the Hungarian ethnic villages around the Transylvanian city of Cluj in the present-day Romania is made up of a lads' dance, legenyes, and a couple dance from Mezosegi. The lad's dance is a virtuoso piece, performed by the best dancers in the villge as the opening number at a dance event. The couple dance is actually a distilled form of the Transylvanian dance cycle, a long continuous dance that evolves through successive changes in tempo and rhythm.
Choreography: TIMAR SANDOR
Musical Arrangement: MAIMON MILLER

CENTRAL ASIA - Dances from Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan
In the ancient cities of the silk road, Uzbek and Tadjik peoples have mmingled for centuries. Combining mid-eastern and far eastern cultures, these dances display styles halfway between Persian and Chinese. Here, a classical Takjik dance, accompanied by a freme drum known as daire, is followed by an elegant court dance from the city of Samarkand in present-day Uzbekistan.
Tadjik Choreographer and soloist: MARDI ROLLOW

SCOTLAND - Medley of Dances
Scottish dancing is of a very courtly character because, in many ways, it still resembles the dancing of the late renaissance. The national Lilt, reel, and Broadsword all demonstrate the beauty and technical brilliance of the dance form, which also has become a highly regulated and competitive exercise.
Choreography: BARRY GLASS

The traveling minstrel, with his long-necked saz, is still heard in rural areas of Anatolia today. The first song, "Uzum Hava" ("Long Song"), sung in a free form, shares certain characteristics with American Blues. The second, "Pinar Basi," is a popular Anatolian folk song.
Sung and played by: ERGUN TAMER
Darbuka accompaniment: COSKUN TAMER

The Company

Mariane Allen
Mitch Allen
Ron Allman
Anthony Biedul
Ronda Berkeley
Jennifer Brosious
Stuart Brotman
Dolores Burciaga
José Carvajal
Peggy Caton
Paula Davis
Charles Eisen
David Feeney
Molly Forman
Melanie Fryman
Robert Gately
Tamberlaine Harris
Cindra Harrold
John Hegland
Jim Knight
      Mitzi Lutesinger
Tracie Marcus
Rita Oliver
John Persson
Rone Prinz
Sandy Rasmussen
Sue Rodearmel
Mardi Rollow
Roland Sedillos
Barbara Schaffer
Susan Shapiro
Sue Ellen Smyle
Hillary Sohn
Deanne Sparks
Don Sparks
Çoskun Tamer
Ergun Tamer
Steve Theodore
Martin Tracy
John Zeretzke

A Brief History of the AMAN Folk Ensemble

The Los Angeles-based AMAN Folk Ensemble was founded in 1967 under the direction of Leona Wood and Anthony Shay, for the purpose of preserving and presenting America's multicultural heritage as it is expressed through music, song, and dance. The company takes its name from the biblical affirmative the Eastern and Middle Eastern Europeans pronounce "Aman" and American's, "Amen." The implications of this word are reflected in the abiding respect and affection for cultural values invested in the research, choreography, music and staging of AMAN's international repertoire.

Since its inception, AMAN has gained steadily in artistic excellence and in reputation as America's preeminent folkloric performing company. Since 1975, when AMAN joined the roster of companies funded by the National Endowment for the Arts Dance Touring Programme, the company has toured extensively throughout the United States.