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By Dick Oakes


The following is the portfolio AMAN provided to Performing Arts Register online group information source and listed for the 2004-2005 performance season.

AMAN has been performing lively authentic renditions and interpretations of traditional music and dance for over 38 years. AMAN is the only professional company that includes in its repertoire an education program of the cultural traditions of five continents. AMAN offers audiences a showcase of authentic costumes and instruments whether from a small village in Eastern Europe or from the temples of southern India. The company's newest program, Passing It On, created for a multi-generational audience, beautifully portrays ways in which music, dance, and other traditions are passed on from person to person, generation to generation, culture to culture, and child to child.

Number of Performers: 9 - 20
Fee Range: $10,000 - $45,000