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By Dick Oakes



The Gebirgs Trachten Erhaltungs Verein D'Oberlandler (literally mountain costumes upkeep of club the mountain people) was a group headed by Morry and Nancy Gelman in the 1960s. When they lost their Vorplattler (lead dance teacher) in July of 1963, the G.T.E.V. D'Isartaler merged with them, with Morry as the new Vorplattler.

In 1965, the group took part in B.G.T.E.V. D'Holzhacker Baum, Milwaukee's Trachtenfest. Many other Trachtenvereine from the Midwest and East Coast also took part, and this is where the idea took root to form the Gauverband Nordamerika. D'Oberlandler Verein is a charter member of the Gauverband.

The Verein's first standard was created in 1969, and blessed at St. Stephen's Catholic Church. This banner travled to many events over the next few years.

The verein's flag, designed by Arno Kolatzny, was ordered from Bavaria in 1972. The flag blessing was celebrated in may 1973. The weekend consisted of a parade, banquet, and a picnic which cultivated friendships long to be remembered.

G.T.E.V. D'Oberlandler, Los Angeles, California, 1962

G.T.E.V. D'Oberlandler - 1967
BACK: Avis Tarvin, Nancy Gelman, Jody Barber,
Carol Regenfuss, Anita Kolatzny, Anita Wintheiser
FRONT: Sid Heyman, Bill Garber, Dick Oakes, David Brandon,
Vic Wintheiser, Chris Regenfuss, Morry Gelman (Vorplattler)

G.T.E.V. D'Oberlandler, Los Angeles, California, 1967

G.T.E.V. D'Oberlandler - 1971

GTEV D'Oberlandler, 1979