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By Dick Oakes



Vytautas Finadar "Vyts" Beliajus was the founder and director of the Viltis Dancers in San Diego, California. The group disbanded a year after Vyts moved to Denver, Colorado, in 1958.

Viltis Dancers, San Diego, California, 1959
Viltis Dancers 1959
take second place in a San Diego, California, Christmas tree competition.
Some members shown are Edward "Juni" Yacher (2nd from left in back),
Dick Oakes (kneeling in center next to acccordionist),
and Marjorie Ann Jones (seated at right).

Viltis Dancers, San Diego, California, 1959
Viltis Dancers 1959 Reception of the bride and groom in a play sponsored by the Viltis Dancers.
Seen in the center is Maude Sykes, a member of many committees in the Folk Dance Federation of California,
South, including the Santa Barbara Folk Dance Camp Committee. Next to her, wrapped in the "noumeta" (shawl
for the married woman), is Elizabeth Ullrich of San Diego, leader of the Folklanders and teacher of German
and other international folk dancers. The "groom" is Vyts Beliajus' godson, Frank Raybern. All others are
mostly from the San Diego area.

Viltis Dancers 1954
Viltis Dancers 1954
Back Row: Clinton Taylor, Linea Miles Ruch, Jack Mona,
Evelyn Prewett, Roy Hinton, Delores Karl , Chuck Porter
Kneeling: Lygia Kaliskis

Some Viltis Dancers reunited 1977
Viltis Dancers Reunited 1977
at idyllwild Workshop
Front row: Evelyn Prewett, LaDonna Rowe, Vyts Beliajus, Ginger Francis
Back row: Roy Hinton, John Hancock, Bill Francis

Edward Yacher, San Diego, California, 2003
Ed "Juni" Yacher
in Polish costume
from Nowy Sacz, 2003