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By Dick Oakes



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Time: A Sunday morning and early afternoon, around 1976
Place: Women's Gym, UCLA
Action: Audition for new women in Betyárok

All the members of Betyárok gathered and watched as Sam Jones led about ten young women interested in joining Betyárok through several rehearsal routines. This lasted for at least one hour.

Afterwards, while Sam continued the audition, the members left the rehearsal hall and "huddled" in a smaller meeting room somewhere in the building.

We discussed the pros' and cons' of the various hopefuls. I remember sitting very close to Elsie during this discussion. At one point, I said, "Wow, that one young woman with the dark hair and long pony tail is such a good dancer, but she sure is hard to look at." Elsie turned in my direction and agreed. Elsie remarked that this person was by far the best dancer but was not at all feminine in her facial expressions and body language.

At that instant, everyone else began to roar with laughter. "Elsie, Flo, you don't know?"

Know what?

Well, that "gal" really had you fooled! That's not a woman at all; it's Don Green dressed in drag!

Oh, my, Elsie and I felt like total fools. The joke was 100 percent on us! We all laughed about that for years.

Flo Martin