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Master Teacher Biographies
Compiled by Dick Oakes


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Teaching This folk dance teacher list of more than 600 Master Teachers is not comprehensive. It is compiled from what information could be conveniently gathered. Its intent is to be a historical record of the biographies of Master Teachers who paved the way, as well as those who are currently active.

The criterion for being in this list is that the teacher has taught outside of his or her local group. In other words, has taught at a camp, workshop, seminar, conference, etc.

If you know of a teacher that should be in this list, please contact the Webmaster, giving a biography, including the dances taught, and a large photograph or two.

Also, if you have additional information about a teacher, or a photograph for one that is missing or one that is better than the one we have, please also contact us!


If you would like to host a master teacher at your club, please contact Jay Michtom with the date you would like to have a workshop. (To avoid double-booking, do not contact the teacher directly until Jay lets you know that the date is available.)

While non-Fed clubs can be scheduled, they will not qualify for any Federation fee reimbursement.

Jay will create a schedule and communicate it to the club and the teacher.

The club then contacts the teacher to arrange time and place, perhaps discuss specific dances, agree on fee, and possibly help with transportation and lodging. (The committee will do none of these things.)

After the workshop, the club notifies Jay that the workshop has been done and the fee paid to the teacher. Jay then arranges for reimbursement to the Federation club.

Please contact Jay with your requests for workshops, or any questions.
Jay Michtom, Chair, VMPhone – 818-368-1957 or Email.


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A  To the top

Viviana Acosta   (Mexican)
Frances Ajoian   (Armenian)
Tayyar Akdeniz   (Turkish)
Aisha Ali   (Danse Orientale)
Bill Alkire and Susan English   (Clog, squares, international)
Don Allen   (Squares)
Peg Allmond   (Squares)
Aaron Alpert   (Israeli)
Bob Altman   (International)
Nidia Amaya   (Central American)
Arsen Anooshian   (Armenian)
Francisca Reyes Aquino   (Filipino)
George and Irina Arabagi   (Ukrainian, Moldavian)
Loreen Arbus   (Argentine Tango)
Don Armstrong   (Contras, Squares, folk, quadrilles, old-time rounds)
Juha-Matti Aronen and Leena Yläneva   (Finnish)
Leng and Yigal Asayag Tan   (Israeli, Middle Eastern)
Yo'av Ashriel   (Israeli)
Pece Atanasovski   (Macedonian)
Ed Austin   (International, Welsh, Clogging)
Vasil' Avramenko   (Ukrainian)

B  To the top

Shlomo and Dina Bachar   (Israeli)
Roberto Bagnoli   (Italian, international)
Vesna Bajić and Saša Stojiljković   (Serbian)
Richard Balázs   (Hungarian)
Gustáv Balázs   (Hungarian, Gypsy)
Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman   (Appalachian big circle dancing, clogging)
Ren Bannerman   (Appalachian clog, big circle dancing)
Beverly and Irwin Barr   (International)
Sevi Bayraktar   (Balkan, Turkish, Roma)
Wim Bekooy   (Dutch, Balkan, international)
Vytautas Beliajus   (Lithuanian, international)
Erik Bendix   (International)
Nils Bergquist   (International)
Fred Berk   (Israeli)
Grace Bernhard   (Hawaiian, Polynesian)
Ira Bernstein   (Traditional American Dance)
René and Frances Besné   (Bulgarian)
Barbara Bevan   (Eastern European)
Georg and Marguerite Bidstrup   (International)
Caspar Bik   (Georgian, International)
Louise Bilman   (Greek)
Sunni Bloland   (Romanian)
Celia Bocobo-Olivar   (Filipino)
Per-Erik and Angela Boij   (Czechoslovakian)
František Bonuš   (Czechoslovakian)
Jitka Bonušová   (Czechoslovakian)
Edith Bourbin   (Greek, international)
Benoit Bourque   (French Canadian)
Dennis Boxell   (Balkan)
Neva Boyd   (International, folk games)
Iliana Bozhanova   (Bulgarian)
Tom Bozigian and Sheree King   (Armenian)
Bashkim Braho   (Albanian)
David Brandon   (Scottish)
Mary Brandon   (Scottish)
Mary Branigan   (Scottish)
Camille Brochu   (Bulgarian, French Canadian)
Vonnie Brown   (Czechoslovakian)
Mildred Buhler   (Squares, international)
Elizabeth Burchenal   (International)
Robert Burger   (Scottish, English, international)
Billy Burke   (Balkan, international)
Scot and Erin Byars   (Squares, rounds)

C  To the top

Patricia Campbell   (Colonial, 18th Century)
Cane and Snezana Carovski   (Macedonian, Balkan)
Yoni Carr   (Israeli, ballroom)
Michel and Marie Cartier   (Bulgarian, Balkan, international)
Mario Casetta   (International)
Betty Casey   (Square dance, round dance, international)
Susan Cashion   (Mexican)
Mario Casillas   (International)
Louis Chalif   (Russian, Ukrainian, international)
Chang Ching-shan and Chen Fang-chih   (Taiwanese)
Dave and Emma Charlebois   (Scandinavian)
Rosie Chavarria-Peňa   (Mexican)
Hazel Chung   (Indonesian)
Eugene Ciejka   (Polish)
Ed Cirio   (West Coast Swing)
Silviu Ciuciumiş   (Romanian)
Sibyl Clark   (English)
Sherry Cochran   (Balkan, international)
Karen Codman   (Israeli, international)
Paul Collins   (Contra, squares)
Paula Kermiet Connolly   (Squares)
Lucia Cordeiro   (Brazilian)
Alix Cordray   (Norwegian, Scandinavian)
Mary Coros   (Greek)
Pampa Cortés and Gigi Jensen   (Argentine)
Gary Coyne   (Hungarian Cycles)
C. Ward Crampton   (International)
Caroline Crawford   (International)
Michael Creditor   (Balkan, Eastern European)
Dick Crum   (Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Slovenian, Balkan, international)
Stella Marek Cushing   (International)
Lucile Czarnowski   (International)
Andor and Ann Czompó   (Hungarian)

D  To the top

Susanna Daley   (Finnish)
Bob Dalsemer   (Contras, squares, circle dances, English country)
Ami Dalyot   (Israeli)
Rudy Dannes   (International)
Cathy Dark   (International)
Dani Dassa   (Israeli)
David Dassa   (Israeli)
Alexandru David   (Russian, Romanian)
Mihai David   (Romanian)
Dorothy and Tom Daw   (International)
Candi deAlaiza   (Basque)
Alura Flores de Angeles   (Mexican)
Tom Deering   (Balkan)
Susan de Guardiola   (Disco, English, French, Vintage)
Bianca de Jong   (Bulgarian, Turkish, international)
Rose Marie de Reyes   (Mexican)
Duygu Demirlioğlu   (Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian)
Ciga and Ivon Despotović   (Yugoslavian)
Milo Destanovski   (Macedonian)
Pierre Sandor Dianankouezi   (Congolese)
Rosina Didyk   (Hungarian, international)
Gary Diggs   (Argentine, Hungarian, Scandinavian, Vintage)
Ivan Dimitrov   (Bulgarian)
Elena Dimitrova   (Bulgarian)
Raul and Nora Dinzelbacher   (Argentine Tango)
Celest DiPietropaolo and Marie DiCocco   (Italian)
Desa Djordjević   (Serbian)
Shawn Donaldson   (Balkan, Middle Eastern)
Iris Dragan   (Polynesian)
Dénes Dreisziger and Gissella Santayana   (Hungarian)
Jimmy Drury   (Balkan, international)
Liz Drury   (Mexican)
Nelda Drury   (Mexican)
Jerry Duke   (Clogging, international)
Elsie Dunin   (Croatia, Macedonia, and Romani (Gypsy) in Macedonia)
Paul and Gretel Dunsing   (German, Austrian, international)
Richard and Ruth Levin Dureé   (Balkan, Hungarian, international)
Ada Dziewanowska   (Polish)
Basia Dziewanowska   (Polish)
Jaś Dziewanowski   (Polish)

E  To the top

Peter and Margaret Eccles   (English ountry Dance)
Ya'akov Eden   (Israeli)
David Edery   (Israeli)
Ziva Emtiyaz   (Middle Eastern, fitness)
Gordon Engler   (Balkan, Hungarian, international)
Tommy and Ewa Englund   (Swedish)
Fred and Mary Enholm   (English, international)
Paul Erfer   (International)
Helene Eriksen   (Islamic Oriental, Balkan)
Moshe Eskayo   (Israeli)
Vincent and Robin Evanchuk   (Ukrainian, Cajun)

F  To the top

Zoltán Farkas and Ildikó Tóth   (Hungarian)
Jane Farwell   (Scandinavian, international)
John Filcich   (Yugoslavian, international)
Reinhold Fink   (German)
Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion   (Romanian)
George A. Fogg   (English)
Sue Foy   (Eastern European)
Mae Fraley   (Italian, contras)
Toni Francis   (Israeli, international)
Nils Fredland   (Contras, Squares)
Florence Freehof   (Israeli, Jewish)
Joan Friedberg   (Greek, Balkan)
Robyn Friend   (Persian)
Saul and Suzy Frommer   (International)

G  To the top

May Gadd   (English)
Ghanima Gaditana   (Danse Orientale)
Bora and Marge Gajicki   (Serbian)
Eliyahu Gamliel   (Israeli)
Cesar Garfiaz   (Salsa Ruez)
Dale and Ruth Garrett   (Squares, international)
Ned and Marion Gault   (Hungarian, international)
Michael Gelman   (German, Austrian, Transylvanian, Bulgarian, international)
Morry Gelman   (German, Bavarian, Austrian, international)
Merilyn Gentry and Nora Nuckles   (Hawaiian, Tahitian, Polynesian)
Paul Ginis   (Greek)
Michael Ginsburg   (Balkan)
Steve Glaser   (Balkan)
Barry Glass   (Balkan)
Henry Glass   (Mexican, international)
Jim Gold   (International)
Erica Goldman   (Israeli)
Ed and Carol Goller   (Scandinavian, Scottish, international)
Vicky Goodloe   (Scottish)
Ayalah Goren-Kadman   (Israeli)
Todor Gotchev and Irina Gotcheva   (Bulgarian)
Karin Gottier   (German, Swiss, French)
Jim Graham   (International)
Joe Graziosi   (Greek)
David Green   (Hungarian, international)
Sharon Green   (English)
Edy Greenblatt   (Israeli, International)
Madelynne Greene   (International)
Herb Greggerson   (West Texas Squares)
Walter Grothe   (International)
Luther Gulick   (International)
Ruth Browns Gundelfinger   (Israeli)
Elba Gurzau   (Italian, international)

H  To the top

Bob Hager   (Squares, American Indian, international)
Moshiko Halevy   (Yemenite, Israeli)
Alexander Hamilton   (Welsh)
Bruce Hamilton   (English, Scottish)
Stan Hamilton   (Scottish, Welsh)
John Hancock   (International)
Miriam Handler   (Israeli, international)
Inge Hansen   (Danish)
Joan Hantman   (Israeli, Bulgarian)
Lawton and Sally Harris   (Scandinavian, international)
Danny and Joan Hathaway   (Irish, Celtic, international)
Germain and Louise Hébert   (French)
Denise Heenan   (Balkan, international)
Dusán Hégli   (Hungaruan)
Jerry Helt   (Squares)
Graham Hempel   (Contra, Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Yugoslavian)
Deanne Hendricks   (Hungarian, Polynesian)
David Henry   (Greek)
Michael and Mary Ann Herman   (International)
Waltraud Hermann   (German)
Shalom Hermon   (Israeli)
Benjamin Hernández   (Mexican folklorico)
Drew Herzig   (Scandinavian, Balkan, international)
Roy Hilburn   (Squares, contras, Cajun, international)
Nicholaas and Maki Hilferink   (Romanian, ballet)
Kathy Hindman   (Balkan)
Mary Wood Hinman   (Gymnastic, Swedish, international)
Roy Hinton   (Ballroom, Latin, Country Western, Two-step, Line)
Richard Hladio   (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian)
Erik Hoffman   (Contras, family dances)
Huig Hofman   (German, Flemmish)
Rickey Holden   (Squares, contras, international)
Vera Holleuffer   (American Squares)
Stefanie Holzman   (Scandinavian)
Ken Horwege   (Clogging, Appalachian)
Ron and Tatiana Houston   (International)
Thea Huijgen   (Balkan, international, ballet, tap, hip-hop)
Yvonne Hunt   (Greek, Balkan)
James Hutson   (English)
Dale Hyde   (Canadian)
Leslie Hyll   (International)

I  To the top

Moshe Idan   (Balkan)
Martin Ihns   (Macedonian, Albanian)
Georgi and Jordanka Iliev   (Bulgarian)
Petûr Iliev   (Bulgarian)
Boris Ilievski   (Macedonian)
Carmen Irminger   (Swiss)
Stan Isaacs   (Israeli, international)
Anthony Ivancich   (International)
Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg   (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian)

J  To the top

Per and Margareta Jennische   (Swedish)
Mary Bee Jensen   (International)
Željko Jergan   (Croatian)
Arden Johnson   (Squares)
Nick Jordanoff   (Balkan)
Anatol Joukowsky and Yania Wassilieva   (International)
Mary Judson   (Contra, English, Morris, Scottish)

K  To the top

Gurit Kadman   (Israeli)
Jim Kahan   (Scandinavian)
Frank Kaltman   (International)
Natty Kamikura   (Japanese)
Çavit Kangöz   (Turkish)
Jonathon Karmon   (Israeli)
Athan Karras   (Greek)
M. G. Karsner   (English, Danish, international)
Genci Kastrati   (Albanian)
Nina Kavardjikova   (Bulgarian)
Larry and Joanne Keithley   (International)
Jennifer Kelly   (Scottish)
Chris Kermiet   (Squares, contras, international)
Paul and Pauline Kermiet   (Squares, international)
Teme Kernerman   (Israeli)
Harry Khamis   (Swedish, Scandinavian, international)
Ercüment Kılıç   (Turkish)
Nora Kindness   (Scottish)
Jack Kinneer   (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polynesian)
István Kis and Erika Kis Demeter   (Hungarian)
Éva Maria Kish   (Hungarian)
Evran Soytopçu Kiyak   (Turkish)
Jan Knoppers   (International)
Lambert Knox   (Round Dancing)
Martin Koenig   (Balkan)
Walter Kögler   (German)
Atanas Kolarovski   (Macedonian)
Kosta Kolev   (Bulgarian)
Abe Konegson   (Irish)
Hennie Konings   (Russian)
Yannis Konstantinou   (Greek)
Radboud Koop   (Russian, international)
Elsche Korf   (Dutch)
Kostana   (Turkish Oriental, Turkish Romani, Danse Orientale)
Tanya Kostova   (Bulgarian)
Steve and Susan Kotansky   (Balkan)
Marija Krapcevich   (Serbian)
Richard G. Kraus   (Squares, play party dances)
Nikola Krčadinac   (Serbia)
Ed Kremers   (Squares, international)
Ed Kremers Jr.   (Squares)
Nadine Krstić   (Serbian)
Carolyn Krueger   (Middle Eastern, Central Asian)
Tom Kruskal   (English)
Michael Kuharski   (International)
Olga Kulbitsky   (International)
Craig Kurumada   (Japanese)

L  To the top

Rod and Helen LaFarge   (Squares, international)
Glenn Laigast and Lori Betraut   (Zydeco, Cajun)
Dvora Lapson   (Israeli, international)
Iacob Lascu   (Romanian)
Dudley and Jaqueline Laufman   (Contras, New England barn dances)
Jimmy Lavita   (Scandinavian, international)
Jeannot le Coz   (Brittany)
Christianne le Nendre   (Feench)
Anne Leach   (International)
Jaap Leegwater   (Bulgarian, Balkan, Dutch)
Bob Leibman   (Balkan)
Lisa Lekis   (Latin American, Caribbean)
Roo Lester   (Scandinavian, Hungarian, Spanish Basque, international)
Sara Levi-Tanai   (Israeli)
Morley Leyton   (Polish)
Millie Libaw   (International)
Bill and Louise Lidicker   (Czech, Russian, international)
Miriam Lidster   (Israeli, international)
Noel Lillie   (Scottish)
Gary and Susan Lind-Sinanian   (Armenian, Assyrian, Arabic, Greek)
Jerry Joris Lindsay   (International, novelty)
Dean and Nancy Linscott   (Hungarian, international)
Ann Litvin   (Israeli, Balkan, international)
James Lomath   (Scottish)
Sanna Longden   (Play party, international)
Simon Løvald   (Norwegian)
Juan Lozano and Jean Sandos   (Mexican)
Larisa Lucaci   (Romanian)
Ahmet & Tracy Lüleci   (Turkish)
John Lulias   (Greek)
Greg Lund   (Clogging)
Paula Luv   (Hula)
Larry Lynch   (Irish)

M  To the top

Iain MacFarlane   (Scottish)
Kamrin MacKnight   (Scottish)
Vivienne Mader   (Hawaiian)
Kálmán and Judith Magyar   (Hungarian)
Vicki Maheu   (Irish, international)
Samy Makar   (Balroom, Salsa Rueda)
Dimitar Manov   (Bulgarian)
Michael Marangio   (Social dance, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Shag, Swing)
Miroslav Marčetić   (Serbian, Eastern European)
Jacek and Bożena Marek   (Polish)
Dolores Mariano   (Filipino)
Alex Marković   (Serbian, Greek, Balkan)
Sarah Anindo Marshall   (African)
Tom Masterson   (Ukrainian)
Vilma Matchette   (Armenian, Greek)
Danny Matousek   (International)
Nibs and Jean Matthews   (English ountry Dance)
Anna Mavrou   (Greek)
Kalliopi Mavrou   (Greek)
Ann McBride   (Scottish)
Bruce McClure   (Scottish)
Roy & Zibby McCutchan   (Squares)
Dan McDonald   (Squares, rounds)
Terry McDonald   (International)
Dennis "Tzigane" McDonough   (International)
Elma McFarland   (English)
Maire McGranahan   (Irish)
John McIntire   (Contras, squares, English Country)
Jack and Lucile McKay   (Squares, contras, rounds)
Pat McMonagle   (Zwiefacher, Scandinavian Gammaldans, family and children's dance, international)
Robert and Barbara McOwen   (Scottish)
George Mechan   (Scottish)
Phil Merrill   (English)
Nikos Michailidis   (Pontic)
Campbell Miller   (Social dance)
Chris and Lynnanne Miller   (Hungarian, Argentine, American)
Joe Miller   (Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Polish)
Jean C. Milligan   (Scottish)
Bruce Mitchell   (International)
Carolyn Mitchill   (Squares, international)
Kostas Mitsis   (Greek)
Chieko Mizaguchi   (Hawaiian)
Gagik Mkhitaryan   (Armenian)
Kyriakos Moisidis   (Greek)
Bea Montross   (International)
André Montsion   (French Canadian, Greek, Romanian, and Serbian)
Yves Moreau and France-Bourque Moreau   (Bulgarian)
John Morovich   (Croatian)
James E. Morrison   (American, American Colonial)
Virgil Morton   (International)
Marcus Moskoff   (Bulgarian)
Paul Mulders   (Yugoslavian, Macedonian, Roma)
Kay Munn   (Scottish)
George and Adrienne Murton   (Squares, international)

N  To the top

Zoltán Nagy   (Hungarian)
Mary Neal   (English)
Grace West Newman   (International)
Sonny and Nancy Newman   (Tango, Greek)
Grace Perryman Nicholes   (International)
Rikki Nicolae   (Turkish, Bulgarian)
Glenn Nielsen   (Balkan)
Jean Noble   (Scottish)

O  To the top

Dick Oakes   (International)
Jeff O'Connor   (Big Circle Mountain Clogging)
Knut and Bodil Odnes   (Norwegian)
Una and Sean O'Farrell   (Irish)
Knud Øland   (Scandinavian)
John Omorean   (Romanian)
Lee Otterholt   (International)
Susan Ounjian   (Armenian)
Margalit Oved   (Yemenite)
John Owen   (English)
Joseph Oyewusi   (Ghanian, Nigerian)
Bora Özkök   (Turkish)
Taner and Piyale Öztek   (Turkish)

P  To the top

Ralph Page   (Squares, contras)
David Paletz   (Israeli)
Csaba Pálfi   (Hungarian)
Gergana Panova-Tekath   (Bulgarian)
Kristalli Papadopoulos   (Greek)
Tom Papadopoulos   (Greek)
Christos Papakostas   (Greek)
Pistu Papp   (Hungarian)
John and Paula Pappas   (Greek)
Rene'e Park   (Hawaiian, Polynesian)
Bob Parker   (English)
Tony Parkes   (Contras, squares)
Bernardo T. Pedere   (Filipino)
Maurice Perez   (Israeli)
Vladimir Perfiloff   (Russian, Ukrainian)
Ted Petrides   (Greek)
Filip Petkovski   (Macedonian, Near Eastern)
Vlasto Petkovski   (Macedonian)
Dimitar Petrov   (Bulgarian, international)
Petar Petrov   (Bulgarian)
Albert Pill   (Mexican)
Bill Pillich   (Social Dance)
Ralph Piper   (Squares, contras)
Miljenko Piskorić   (Croatian)
David Pollock   (Israeli)
Gheorge and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz   (Romanian)
Richard Powers   (Social Dance, Vintage Dance)
Marcel Pronovost   (International)
Emilio Pulido   (Mexican)
Jan Pumpr   (Czechoslovakian)
Dobrivoje Putnik   (Serbian)

Q  To the top

Bobby Quibodeaux and Pat Henderson   (International)
Colin Quigley   (Irish, European)
Tom Quinn   (Irish)

R  To the top

Catherine Ramsay   (Scottish)
Carolyn Rapkievian   (Armenian, international, character ballet, ballroom)
Sidsel Rattso   (Norwegian)
Joyce Reed   (South American)
Janet Reineck   (Albanian, Western European, Eastern European)
Maria Reisch   (International)
Alice Reisz   (Hungarian)
Radomil Rejšek and Eva Rejšková   (Czechoslovakian)
Mikki Revenaugh   (International)
Francisca Reyes Aquino   (Filipino)
Jana Rickel   (International)
Šani Rifati   (Romani)
Tom Roby   (Contras, international)
Suzanne Rocca-Butler   (Serbian, Macedonian, international)
Pirkko Roecker   (Fundamentals of Motion and Rhythm)
Lynn and Katherine Rohrbough   (International)
James M. Roncević   (Romanian)
Tom Roncević   (Yugoslav, Bulgarian)
Carlos Rosas   (Mexican)
Dave Rosenberg   (German, international)
W. Lilian Ross   (Scottish)
Ruth Ruling   (International)
Nancy Lee Ruyter   (Balkan, international)
Anta Ryman   (Scandinavian)

S  To the top

Hardeep Singh Sahota   (Bhangra club dancing)
Neal Sandler   (Balkan, Hungarian)
Olga Sandolowich   (Macedonian, Balkan)
Daniel Sandu   (Romanian)
Jack Sankey   (Squares, international)
Ted Sannella   (American)
Ferenc and Zsusanna Sára   (Hungarian)
Nikos Savvidis   (Pontic Greek)
June Schaal   (Finnish, Scandinavian)
Don Schillinger   (Israeli)
Jim Schlesinger   (Bulgarian, Balkan)
Wolfgang Schlüter   (German)
Richard Schmidt   (Polish)
Burt and Therese Scholin   (International)
Fredda Seidenbaum   (Cajun, zydeco)
Jan Sejda   (Polish)
Fusae Senzaki-Carroll   (Balkan, Turkish)
Ersin Seyhan   (Turkish)
Stew and Kathie Shacklette   (Squares, contras, international)
Laura Shannon   (Armenian, Balkan, Gypsy)
Cecil Sharp   (English)
Sheila Sharpe   (Israeli)
Lloyd Shaw   (Squares, rounds, contras)
Anthony Shay   (Persian, international)
Paul Sheldon   (International)
Murray Sherman   (Russian)
Diki Shields   (Greek, international)
Katina Shields   (Greek, Clogging)
Genevieve Shimer   (English)
David Shochat   (Bulgarian, Balkan)
Shoshanna   (Dance Orientale)
Audrey Silva   (International, ballroom, vintage)
Marie Silva   (Danse Orientale)
Joti Singh   (Bollywood, Bhangra, Guinea)
Rina Singha   (Indian Kathak)
Vasilios Sioulas   (Greek)
Anne Gani Sirota   (Greek)
John Skow   (Balkan, international)
Dave and Fran Slater   (International)
Slobodan Slović   (Serbian)
Ann Smerciu   (Romanian, international)
Ace Smith   (Squares, rounds)
C. Stewart Smith   (Scottish)
Irene Smith   (International)
Marilyn Smith   (French)
David Smukler   (Contras, squares, mixers)
Alison Snow   (Turkish)
Ingvar and Sally Sodal   (Scandinavian)
John Sofios   (Greek)
Ted Sofios   (Greek)
Nena Šokčić   (Croatian)
Sebastian Solomon   (Hungarian)
Ventzi and Zoya Sotirov   (Bulgarian)
Don Sparks   (International)
Vladimir Spasojević   (Serbian)
Katherine St. John   (Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, international)
Michel St-Louis   (French Canadian)
Belčo Stanev   (Bulgarian)
Sandy Starkman   (International)
Osmyn and Marjorie Stout   (International)
Rebecca Stout   (Clogging)
Orsolya Strack   (Hungarian)
Rivka Sturman   (Israeli)
Sari Suokas   (Finnish)
Ralph Sweet   (Squares, contras)
Istvan Szabó   (Hungarian)
Szilárd Szabó and Ildikó Németh   (Hungarian)
Tamás Szappanos and Kristina Baji   (Hungarian)

T  To the top

Iwao Tamaoki   (Japanese)
Samira Tamer   (Mid-Eastern, Turkish)
Demetris Tashie   (Greek)
Chris Tasulis   (Greek)
Zafra Tatcher   (Israeli)
Bruce Taylor   (Scandinavian)
Conny and Marianne Taylor   (International)
Mady Taylor   (Balkan, Greek, International)
Andy Taylor-Blenis   (Scottish, Portuguese, international)
Shemiram Tehran   (Assyrian)
Sergei Temoff   (Russian)
Sandy Tepfer   (English, Rounds)
Georgi and Vaerie Terzieff   (Russian)
Paul-André Tétreault   (French Canadian)
Bonnie Jean and Tommy Thomas   (Appalachian clog, Appalachian big circle, squares)
Allison Thompson   (English)
Hugh Thurston   (Scottish, international)
John and Susan Tiffany   (Scottish, international)
Sándor Timár   (Hungarian)
Ester Timbancaya   (Filipino)
Bentzi Tiram   (Israeli)
Tibor Toghia   (Hungarian)
George and Kathy Tomlinson   (Contra, squares, international)
George Tomov   (Macedonian)
Gordon Tracie   (Scandinavian)
Frank and Jane Tripi   (International)
Donna and Doug Tripp   (Scandinavian, international)
Lorenzo Trujillo   (Mexican)
Rebecca Tsai   (Taiwanese, Chinese, Balkan)
Klaus Tschurtschenthaler   (Austrian)
Nikolay Tsvetkov   (Macedonian, Bulgarian)
Loui Tucker   (Israeli, international)
Richard Turcotte   (French-Canadian)

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Rudy Ulibarrí   (German, Mexican, international)
Elizabeth and Alfred Ullrich   (German, Flemish)
Annemargaret Ulrich   (German)
Richard Unciano   (Bulgarian)
Ezher Üremez   (Turkish, Israeli, international)
Marius and Maria Ursu   (Romanian)
Danni Uziel   (Israeli)

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Stefan Vagralov   (Bulgarian)
Nirupama Vaidyanathan   (Indian)
Elinor Vandegrift   (Scottish)
Femke van Doorn   (Dutch)
Maurits van Geel   (Dutch, Rom, Caucasian)
Tineke van Geel   (Armenian)
Theodor and Lia Vasilescu   (Romanian)
Zoran Vasiljević   (Balkan)
Al Vincent   (International)
David Vinski   (Balkan, Armenian)
Lilian Vlandi   (Greek)
Vern and Millie von Konsky   (International)
Mary Vouras   (Greek)
Rubi Vučeta   (Balkan)
Marko Vukadinovič   (Serbian)

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Jim Waldron   (Arabic)
Carol Walker   (Balkan)
Mary Wallace and Ferenc Tobac   (Hungarian)
Joe Wallin   (Scottish)
Joan Walton   (Ragtime, Social, Tap, Vintage)
Marilyn Wathen   (French, French Canadian)
Bobby Watson   (Scottish)
Glenn Weber   (Polish)
Phyllis Weikart   (Recreational dance, rhythmic movement)
Larry Weiner   (Balkan)
Steve Weubtraub   (Yiddish, Klezmer)
Rachel Weisblatt   (Israeli)
Ira Weisburd   (Israeli, international)
Marie Wendt   (French, international)
Bev and Ginny Wilder   (Squares, contras, international)
John Williams   (Scottish)
Sue Williard   (Balkan, international)
Alex Wilson   (Hungarian, international)
Dave Winston   (Contra)
Robin Witschi   (Swiss)
Ron Wixman   (Bulgarian, Armenian, Macedonian, Balkan)
Lucy Wnuk   (Polish)
Vivian Woll   (International)
Carl Wolz   (Asian)

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Y  To the top

Israel Yakovee   (Israeli)
Yuliyan Yordanov   (Bulgarian)
Gordon and Ellen Youle   (International)
David Young   (International)
L. DeWayne Young   (Clog, American Squares, Contras, international)

Z  To the top

Steve Zalph   (International)
Laura Zanzi de Chavarria   (South American)
Götz Zinser   (Hungarian)
Nikos Zournatzidis   (Pontian)
Zoltán and Ildiko Zsuráfszki   (Hungarian)
Jessaiah Zure   (Turkish)

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